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Mario Kart Tour – 5 Pro Tricks Beginners Should Follow

Mario kart tour, a kart racing game, has created the history in the gaming world. Well, it is one of the latest installments of the Mario kart series by Nintendo. The game comes with a single-player and multiplayer mode that allows gamers to team up with their friends. The intense gameplay and cool graphics are making it more addictive. Take part in several races to compete against the seven other players from all around the world.

By racing, players can earn grand stars and other bonuses that can be used later for various purposes. The bonus challenge courses are also adding some twists to the gameplay. Taking part in races also helps to get an online rank. Make sure you are using Mario kart tour hack to get good scores and rise on the top. This freemium game has made a significant place in the heart of gamers.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don't worry! The developers are offering the tutorial feature that helps beginners to know about the game controls and learn the tactics to play the game smoothly. However, you can't learn the strategies to boost up your progress speed and the other essential tips with the tutorial. And that’s why we’ve come up with the top best Mario kart tour tips that you need to take into consideration.

  1. Perform all the activities and tasks

During a race, players should try to earn the starting position points, and then they can earn more by completing several tasks. Keep performing all the activities, whether you have been asked to collect coins or pull off the boosts via drifting.  Many other activities are out there that you should perform while competing against other players during the races.

While trying to complete a track, you should focus on completing different tasks that help to earn position points. In this way, you can earn a maximum amount of stars. Whether you are performing better during the race or have a low position, it is crucial to complete all sorts of actions.

  1. Replay the past races

Earning coins is not easy in Mario kart tour, and that's why players are spending their real-life money. If you can't afford to buy coins, then look for other alternatives. Getting free rubies and coins is possible by doing a whole of race farming. It is possible to earn a significant amount of coins by replaying the past races. Along with coins, you can also get the player level experience points.

Never forget to open the game at least once in a day to claim your rewards. When you log in the game, then you get a chance to claim the log in bonus that will be credited to your account in the form of coins. It is also good to opt for coin rush races on a daily basis to get a good number of coins and rubies.

  1. Earning five stars

While performing during races, you should take care of some essential tips. Every race has up to five stars that you can win by performing better. You don’t need to put your efforts to get the first position to gain all of these stars.

It is possible to gain all these stars only by collecting a good number of points by the end of the race. With the proper use of glider and kart, you can get more points during a race. Without winning the tour in Mario kart tour mod apk, you can get five stars. Always try to give your best shot during the race to earn five stars.

  1. Stick to the new CC option

Players can unlock the new racing circuit difficulties after improving their player level. Taking part in the higher difficulty races helps them to get more position points, but all they need to do is to get the first position.

If you find a new CC level, then you should stick to it not only for the current race but also for the other ones. Master the game controls, and then you can perform better even on 200cc levels. Earn the position points by boosting up your performance during every race.

  1. Save up rubies

Rubies are known as the prime currency, and that's why it is required for several purposes. Without wasting your time, earn a good number of rubies by taking advantage of all the opportunities that you get. The use of Mario kart tour cheats also helps to get the desired number of rubies in no time.

After getting the rubies, you should make use of them smartly. Having enough rubies allow you to get the best drivers like Dry Browser. And that’s why you should try to use rubies smartly. In this way, you can easily get a better position in the game in no time.